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Input how many records (guid) you need

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Get your GUIDs

Why using a GUID?

You need random GUIDs, you can generate them with our tool!

  • A GUID (UUID) is a Universally Unique identifier that is used to identify information in computer systems in a way to avoid duplicates, in most real-life situations. Is is represented by a 128-bit number
  • A GUID (UUID) makes replication trivial - as opposed to integers, which makes it really difficult if combining multiple database sources
  • It is unique across applications, in general. There is a chance of duplicates, but the chance depends on the number of records.

How to generate GUID in code


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*Disclaimer: All data displayed and generated by this tool on this website is random data, and random combinations of fictious data. Any resemblence with real data is just the result of random algorithms. There is no real personal data used. There is no personal information of the user stored on our system.
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