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Select your random string properties

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Get your random string

What is our String Generator

Our random text generator is a free tool meant to help developers and testers to generate test data for software application. It is part of our website where you can generate realistic test data that includes: fake address or random postal address, books, movies, music, brand, business, colors, country, credit card, date and time, education, gender, identification number, money numbers, person random names, random email address, programming and internet and more types of data.
The test data generated by our tool looks realistic and that offers developers better accuracy when testing.

In need of random string or just one random character

You need a random text, you can generate one with this our tool!

  • The type of string generated is configurable with multiple options.
  • The random algorithm used is the pseudo-random computer algorithm, and not a true random which is almost impossible to create technically. But this will be good enough for most test scenarios.
  • The result can be splitted in words, lines or it cand be just plain text.
  • You can select the type of characters, uppercase/lowercase, and if the result will include digits or symbols

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